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Our software allows you to reconcile Stripe payments in QuickBooks Online, automating and empowering your every day financial work.
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How does Stripe Sync work?

Get the app here and connect your QuickBooks Online account (no download necessary)
How it works step 2
Connect your Stripe account to the Stripe Sync app from the Connections page
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Set up your preferences, track transactions, and watch your data work inside the app


The dates and times of sales and refunds in QuickBooks will match with the dates and times from Stripe.
onboarding page for handling customer data
Getting caught up? We get it. Go back in time and sync all your Stripe data into QuickBooks Online.
page for pulling in historic stripe data
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Choose to sync all, none, or some of your customer data from Stripe to QuickBooks Online.
onboarding page for how to manage customer data in quickbooks
Do you have more than one product? With our app, you can match multiple products on a single sales receipt.
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Enjoy a step-by-step onboarding program. We'll get you set up in a way anyone can understand.
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Benefits of Stripe Sync

Sure, you can do everything that Stripe Sync does by yourself, but why would you?

Stripe Sync will save you hours and reduce your stress by automating the connection between Stripe and QuickBooks Online. We make sure that all of your data is accounted for and synchronized properly, so you can focus on your business.




No credit card requird
up to 30 transactions per month
Unlimited Stripe Accounts
Email Support within 48 hours
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Monthly payment
All free tier features
up to 1,000 transactions per month
Multiple Product Mapping, Invoice Sync, and other unique features
Email or Phone Support
within 24 hours
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Monthly payment
All free & standard tier features
up to 10,000 transactions per month
Email, Phone, or Zoom Support
with highest priority
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* Historical Data available in all tiers for an additional fee

What do our users say?

Stripe Sync is rated an outstanding 4.6/5 stars on the QuickBooks App Store. See why our existing customers love the app below.
Intuit QuickBooks Rating
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If you're testing out all the different Stripe QuickBooks integration apps right now, let me save you some time. This one is the best one by far.


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In terms of time saved, this integration has been incredibly valuable to me. I was struggling to efficiently track my company's Stripe revenue without doing a ton of manual labor. As soon as I set Stripe Sync up, I was able to have all of my Stripe payouts automatically broken out by revenue per customer - with the fees properly separated out as expenses.


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This app has been a game changer for us. It easily integrates Stripe with QuickBooks and captures all the data needed.

The customer support has been outstanding in working with me as I am having to go back through a year of transactions to be sure that they are all matched up and syncing with QB.


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Highly recommend this app.  From the moment I reached out to inquire if they could meet my needs this company has gone above and beyond. Jeff has been amazing to work with.  This app has saved me so much time I can actually have a weekend now! Thank you Jeff Ward and all of your crew.  You are running your company the right way!


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Acodei Software is a Stripe Verified Partner

As a part of the Stripe Partner Program, Acodei Software helps our mutual customers to seamlessly integrate Stripe transactions into QuickBooks Online, taking full control of their financial data.

Together with Stripe, our mission is to empower business owners to spend their time scaling their businesses, not just spending time on their books.
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