Stripe QuickBooks Integration - Acodei FAQ

Find answers to common questions about Acodei, your trusted Stripe and QuickBooks integration solution.
General Inquiries

Understanding Acodei - Stripe QuickBooks Integration

Addressing your queries about how Acodei bridges the gap between Stripe and QuickBooks for efficient financial management.
How does Acodei help with financial integration between Stripe and QuickBooks?
With Acodei's help, all transaction data from Stripe can flow into QuickBooks. All sales, refunds, fees, and payout data will sync. Additionally, you can enable multiple product mapping and invoice sync to add more detail to your sync.
Can I customize Acodei's functionality?
If you need specific features implemented, we can explore building custom functionality for your business. For more information, visit
Do you offer training or onboarding support?
We add new content on our website, documentation (at, and new videos when possible. If you need additional support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at
How can I contact customer support?
You can reach our customer support team by emailing We are based in the United States and typically respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.
Product-Specific Queries

Using Acodei's Stripe QuickBooks Online Integration

Delve into the workings of Acodei, understand its features and functions, and learn how to make the most of this Stripe QuickBooks integration.
How often do you sync data?
All tiers of our service, including the free tier, sync data in real time. However, if you operate a very high-volume company, we recommend considering a daily summary method to avoid overloading your QuickBooks with massive transaction data. This approach can optimize performance without losing essential details. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to explore this daily summary option further, and we'll provide personalized advice and support.
Is Acodei compatible with Stripe Connect?
Yes, if you are paying outside service providers or marketplace users and want to track your payments, Acodei does have functionality around Stripe Connect. To get set up, visit and learn more about this feature.
Do you support sales tax?
Acodei does support Stripe Tax. To turn it on, ensure you are on a paid plan, then enable Stripe Tax in the advanced features section. Tax is an advanced feature. Please contact us at if you are having trouble implementing tax.
Can Acodei handle multi-currency transactions and accurately reflect them in QuickBooks?
Because of how Stripe and QuickBooks process transactions, we recommend utilizing a single base currency in Stripe (other currencies are converted automatically) and a single currency in QuickBooks. If you require a robust multi-currency solution for syncing, Acodei will likely not work for you.
Does Acodei offer an onboarding process?
We will initiate an onboarding process after you register with Acodei and connect your QuickBooks and Stripe accounts. The onboarding is the same as our account mapping process but has additional tooltips and walkthroughs to help answer questions.
Are there any transaction or data limits within Acodei, especially for businesses with high transaction volumes?
There are no limits to transaction volume, although different pricing tiers have different limits. If you are a high-volume account, we will charge an additional transaction fee for transactions over 10,000. In that case, every additional transaction costs $0.002.
Is it possible to customize and map financial data fields from Stripe to specific accounts in QuickBooks?
Customization is where Acodei shines! You can map Stripe transactions to different products, track your Stripe balance to an account you choose, and even map uncommon transactions like disputes, Stripe Capital, Stripe Climate, etc.
Does Acodei offer real-time synchronization?
By default, Acodei offers real-time syncing. For higher volume accounts (>500 transactions per month), we recommend utilizing the daily summary method to reduce the volume of transactions pushed into QuickBooks.
How secure is the data integration process between Stripe and QuickBooks? Are customer financial details protected?
Acodei passes a rigorous annual security review with QuickBooks and meets standards to sync with Stripe. If customer data is a concern, there are options inside Acodei, such as daily summary, to not sync customer data. Read more about our data policies at
Is Acodei compatible with all versions of Stripe and QuickBooks?
Acodei is compatible with all versions of QuickBooks Online but not QuickBooks Self-Employed. To connect with Stripe, you should have admin or developer privileges to be able to install our app.
How long does it take to set up Acodei sync?
Our onboarding process does not take long and typically be finished in 10 minutes or less. To get set up, know which QuickBooks accounts you want to utilize with your Stripe mapping. This is the most important part and will help you make choices quickly. For example, you must know which account you want to use for sales and refunds. You will also want to know which account receives Stripe payouts and which account you want to use in QuickBooks to track your Stripe balance. For most users, Undeposited Funds is sufficient to use. But other users may want to use a different account to track their Stripe account.
Billing & Payment

Everything About Your Billing With Acodei

Get information on all payment-related concerns and understand the simplicity and safety of financial transactions with Acodei.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time, and what happens to my data if I do?
Yes, you can cancel your Acodei subscription at any time. After cancellation, we securely retain your data for 30 days if you decide to rejoin later. After 30 days, we delete all data related to your account.
Is there a trial period or free version available before committing to a subscription?
Yes, Acodei offers a "free forever" tier for users to explore our financial integration service. The free tier grants basic functionality and up to 30 transactions per month. If you need to test additional features, you can upgrade and we can extend a refund if the functionality doesn't meet your needs.
What pricing plans and billing options are available, and are there any additional costs associated with using Acodei?
We offer three tiers of billing - our free tier, standard tier, and premium tier. The standard and premium tiers are available on monthly or annual subscriptions. You will pay an additional fee if you need historical data, but annual plans include 12 months of historical data.
Do you offer an enterprise tier for large organizations?
You can sign up for our Premium tier and pay for additional usage if you are a large enterprise. If you have any questions or need custom integrations, please contact us.
What is your refund policy?
You can review our most up to date refund policy at
Do you offer a free trial?
We offer a "forever free" tier for companies that want access to our basic features and use less than 30 monthly transactions.
How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, please visit and disconnect your company from Acodei. Alternatively, you can downgrade your subscription back to the free tier on the Billing page.
How does my subscription work?
You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime. To manage your subscription, just visit
Account Matters

Your QuickBooks Stripe Integration Account with Acodei

Clarify doubts regarding account settings, security, and more, with Acodei - the reliable bridge between your Stripe and QuickBooks accounts.
Can I use Acodei with multiple team members under a single account?
Once you have created your account, you can upgrade your billing to invite additional team members. To add additional team members, visit the User Management tab inside the Acodei app. Please note that only one user can have admin rights that manage billing.
How do I create an account on Acodei?
To create an account on Acodei, click on the "Sign Up" button at, then follow the prompts to provide your email address and password. Once completed, your account will be set up and you can begin the onboarding process.