Affiliate Program Terms of Service

Acodei Software Affiliate Program Terms of Service

Welcome to Acodei Software's Affiliate Program. By joining and participating in our Program, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.

1. Agreement Scope

a. This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions governing your participation in the Acodei Software Affiliate Program ("Program"). By taking part in the Program, you are consenting to be bound by these terms.

b. The Program applies only to subscription revenue resulting from your marketing efforts and does not encompass any other one-time charges.

2. Self-Referral Prohibition

Affiliates may not use their own affiliate links to sign up for Acodei Software. Should we identify any instances of self-referral, the offending account will be terminated, and all associated commissions will be forfeited.

3. Ethical Conduct and Fair Representation

Affiliates must operate with integrity and honesty. Misleading potential customers, misrepresentation, manipulation, or attempts to exploit our affiliate system will lead to immediate account termination. This encompasses actions like posting false discounts on coupon-sharing platforms or any behavior that contradicts our company policies.

4. Advertising Restrictions

Affiliates are prohibited from running search engine advertisements, Facebook ads, or any other promotional activities that directly compete with Acodei Software's marketing efforts. Particularly, ads targeting our branded terms, domain names, or those causing customer confusion are strictly disallowed. Violation of this clause will lead to account suspension or termination.

5. Representation and Impersonation

Affiliates must not claim or imply that they represent Acodei Software in an official capacity. Misrepresenting oneself as an employee or official spokesperson for Acodei Software is prohibited.

6. Terms Modification

Acodei Software reserves the right to update or amend the Affiliate Program Terms of Service at its discretion. All modifications will be published on our website. Affiliates are expected to monitor these changes regularly and adhere to the updated terms. Continuation in the Program post-modification signifies acceptance of the revised terms.

7. Termination Rights

Acodei Software retains the right to suspend or terminate any affiliate account should they breach any terms stipulated in this Agreement. We reserve sole judgment in such decisions, ensuring the integrity of our Program.

8. Contact

For any inquiries or clarifications related to this Agreement or the Affiliate Program, please reach out to us at