How to Update the Product on a Sales Receipt

How to update the product on a sales receipt with or without the Acodei app.
Written by
Jeff Ward
July 5, 2021

Updating the Product line on a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online is fairly simple, and there are two options I will point out in this post.

Option 1 - Manual Update

Find the sales receipt in question by going to Sales -> All Sales in QuickBooks Online. Click on the line item you'd like to edit, which will bring up the sales receipt. From there, you can make any edits you'd like. If you'd like to change the Product/Service, just select the new product you'd like to change the receipt to. If you do change the product, QuickBooks will erase the original amount, so you need to remember or write down the amount before modifying the sales receipt.

You can use this method to manually update any Sales Receipt. If you're looking to bulk update sales receipts, try option 2.

Option 2 - Stripe Sync by Acodei

Using the Stripe Sync app improves efficiency for this task if you have many transactions to update. Once you have synced your transactions and would like to update the Product/Service listed, simply update the product in your Account Mapping. Then go to the Data Feed, click the box by the transactions you'd like to update, and use the dropdown to "Resync with QuickBooks". This will bulk delete and resync all of the transactions you have selected.

If you choose to use option 2, please note that deposits need to be unmatched on the banking tab prior to . This is because we need to delete and re-send the sales receipt, instead of just updating it. If you attempt to delete a sales receipt that is linked to a matched deposit in QuickBooks Online, the API blocks the update. So before you attempt to resync all transactions, make sure you undo the transactions on your banking tab.

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